New Brave browser ensures ‘unmatched speed, security, and privacy’

New Brave browser ensures ‘unmatched speed, security, and privacy’

If you’ve been searching for a better browser, a new one has just been released with some really unique features. Brave, created by the former CEO of Mozilla, might have exactly what you’ve been looking for – and more.

Brave has been around for a few years now, but they just yesterday released version 1.0 of their software, available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, macOS, and Linux.


In addition to offering significantly increased page loads versus Chrome and Firefox, Brave includes some excellent built-in privacy features:

  • Browsing data is never seen or stored by Brave’s servers.
  • Customize a website’s ability to track you on a site-by-site basis.
  • No need to install third-party tools to ensure your privacy – Brave does it for you.
  • Automatic blocking of phishing, malware, and malvertising.
  • Encrypt and synchronize settings and bookmarks across multiple devices.


Brave also introduces “Brave Rewards,” which allows you to give money to websites that you love. Before Brave, you’ve always had the option to block ad tracking on a website, but due to lost revenue, many sites required you to exempt them from your ad blocking. Brave settles that through their rewards program.

You see, there is advertising in Brave, but it does not collect information about you, and you can easily control them. You earn tokens for every ad that is shown to you, which amounts to 70% of the cost of the ad (Brave keeps the rest). The tokens are yours, but Brave encourages you to use them to “tip” content creators.

You can tip your favorite websites manually, or you can set it to pay out automatically based on how much time you spend on a site. Content creators need to opt-in, but thousands have done so, including The Washington Post, Wikipedia, LADBible, and NPR.

It’s all anonymous and free. Once the tokens are sent to the content creator, they can convert them into their respective currency.