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Beware of Covid-19 email and messaging scams

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, many online scammers have been seeking to benefit financially from the crisis. Learn what to look for.

Using Zoom video conferencing in the age of Covid-19

Since the start of lockdowns around the world, Zoom has quickly become an essential communication tool. Follow these tips to stay safe in your meetings.

facebook privacy checkup

Facebook makes improvements to ‘Privacy Checkup’ tool

Now is a great time to review your Facebook privacy settings as the company has just released a much improved version of their “Privacy Checkup” tool.

Golden Gate Bridge

California citizens receive new privacy rights starting today

A California law guaranteeing significant privacy rights goes into effect today.

New Brave browser ensures ‘unmatched speed, security, and privacy’

If you’ve been searching for a better browser, a new one has just been released with some really unique features. Brave, created by the former CEO of Mozilla, might have exactly what you’ve been looking for – and more.

Apple employees will stop listening to accidental Siri recording

You know how occasionally Siri will speak up even when you didn’t call for her? Turns out, Apple was recording those interactions, and their contractors were listening to them.

Intel processor

Intel chip bug could give hackers your sensitive information

A bug was found for Intel processors that could leak your passwords to hackers. Learn how to prevent your information from being stolen.

WhatsApp users: Update your app immediately

A vulnerability was discovered in WhatsApp that allowed spying on users. Learn how to prevent it.

Microsoft security breach allowed access to user email accounts

Some users with Microsoft’s email services had their accounts compromised. Learn how to protect yourself from future attacks.

Android and iPhone apps found to contain spyware

Researchers discovered apps that could remotely record users without their knowledge.