About My Privacy Tutor

About My Privacy Tutor

The Internet is full of excellent resources for protecting your privacy online. Indeed, by downloading a few programs and extensions and paying a little money, you can almost be guaranteed that your online actions cannot be traced.

But that’s not what this website is about. We want to teach you easy-to-implement changes and techniques that are going to help ensure that you, your information, and your property are properly protected so as to reduce the risk of bad actors causing you harm.

Sometimes, the techniques will be simple changes you can make in seconds. Other times, it’s going to require a change in behavior, as painful as it may be. But while nothing will protect you 100%, all suggestions will get you closer to ensuring your privacy.

About the Founder

Jeffrey, the founder of My Privacy Tutor, is an attorney and has studied, written, and taught others regarding intersection of technology and the law. He also has over 20 years of website development experience.

For too long, people have ignored the importance of privacy in their digital communications and to great detriment, costing significant pain, and financial loss. Today, Jeffrey seeks to reinvigorate the notion of privacy within the online sphere.